I am seriously considering a new rear spring

Any ideas on what type of spring I should use? I need it firm because I am about 155lbs and about 6 feet tall, plus I do lots of jumps with my bike. Anyone who has put a new spring on their XR600R I would love some help in making a decision, I am pretty sure that I am still riding on the stock spring, and it sags a lot when I sit down on it. -Matt

Eibach do a great range. :) Look on XRs Only. Lots of choice and good application chart. I have the strongest Eibachs on both ends of my bike, and I'm a fat kid who loves jumps. :D

Check the Thumpertalk store. They should have a nice Eibach for yah. I think a 9.5kg spring would be great for your weight with gear on. Get the shock rebuilt and chared too.

I would go out to RaceTech.com and run their spring rate search tool. It will give you a good measurement of what spring rate you need. I took the number and bought Eibach springs that were the closest to that number on the heavy side and have been EXTREEMLY happy!!! :):D :D Best $200 I spent on my bike hands down. The Eibach spring series that fit the XR650R are Fork: FESP975xx Shock: SESP885xxx with the spring rate replacing the x's in the number.

Good Luck!

I have heard various things about spring rate, I hve never dealt with springs before so I am guessing that it is the rebound rate/stiffness? -Matt

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