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2013 Showa SFF on 2016? KYB PSF2 questions

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Hey community! 

Its been a long time since I've needed to post anything, typically one search and someone else has found all the answers already to my question.

I'm looking to buy a new 2016 RM-Z250. I race hare scrambles in my local series but I also enjoy heading to the MX track in town during the week for Weeknight motos for fun. 

I have a set of 2013 RM-Z250 Showa SFF (Not Airforks) in the garage built by Factory Connection for Harescramble. I raced a 2013 RM-Z250 last year with this setup and loved it. 

The Showa SFF are now 4 years old. Should I consider getting the KYB PSF2 valved by Factory Connection for Harescramble races this season or just bolt on the 2013 Showa SFF that I already know and love?

I have zero experience with Air forks and hare scramble races don't really seem the right place for them as I could set my air right before the race in the early early morning but then I ride for 3-4 hours with no stops. 

I would still use the KYB PSF2 for the track days, I usually have two sets of suspension (cheaper then two bikes) so when I race moto tracks I could swap to the Stock PSF2's. 

Thanks for any feedback. (Also I hear with my 2016 bike I don't even get a air pump....wtf)






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