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Is a working fuse necessary to kick a bike over (4 stroke 250)?

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Probably a dumb question.. but I have a Husqvarna TE 250 that has both electric start and a kick start... when I turn the key, nothing on the HUD will light up.. not even preliminary checks, nothing, screen is dark as night.  Almost positive it's not the battery ---- I'm about to check with a different battery that works in another bike later.

I'm away from the bike now, but theoretically if it was a blown fuse, can I still kick bike over?  Or will fuse need to be good in order to kick it over?

Also while on subject of fuses, I looked briefly at them and they have a plastic black cover on them and wasn't real keen on how to unlock them from place and remove to inspect and possibly replace.  I was going to check for grounded wires but wanted to look at fuses until I saw how secured they were...Anyone have experience with these type of holders for fuses?  And before people ask - the work manual has no description on how to detach the fuse from holder.



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