Water in the engine

Hello Folks

Got a huuuuge Problem !!

I just finished the service on the Motorbike, fired the bike up and woow...it runs !

After i checked the coolant. There was no water anymore in the cooler, so i fill it up.

Want to start the bike again, and....**** . Doesn't run anymore. Then i kicked 1000 times, and suddenly coolant water comes out of the exhaust....**** !!

Put off the exhaust and kicked and really there comes out water of the exhaust hole !!

Is this the Engine-Seal or is something wrong with the waterpump ?

Please Heeeeeelp !!!

What did you "service"? I would start there. i.e. if you replaced the water pump, check the water pump seal. If you had the head off then I would suspect the head gasget, etc..

Sounds like a head gasket to me.

It has to be the head gasket.

Agreed, my post didn't make much sense. I would definitely not be the water pump seal, check the head gasget.

I checked the head gasget yesterday but it looks okay. But i will replace the gasget with a new one see what's happen...

Are you using a torque wrench? Also make sure that the mating surfaces are 100% clean before you put the new gasget on and that nothing is getting caught to keep them from meeting each other.

I recently had a '98 400 with a water pump seal leaking, dripping out the weep hole. Fixed the water pump and, after pouring in about 1/2 gallon of coolant, something wasn't right. Turns out the head had a couple cracks, one being a BIG one. Water was running down into the cam chain opening.

A hole in the Cylinder-Head ?

Hope there is nothing other wrong than the seal...

The head looks also okay....

Croc what service were you doing when you decided to pull the motor down in the first place?

If the head isn't leaking at the gasket, its cracked. Thats the only way water can get into the exhaust pipe. Make sure when your torquing the head down you use a crossing pattern and you also need to take several steps to reach final torque. example first step 15 next 25 in/foot pounds. I dont rememeber the spec, but you cant just go at the max torque number all in one shot.

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