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CR 250 Top End Bog

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Hey everyone, I am thinking about buying my dads 2002 CR 250. To give you all a back ground - this bike has very low hours, was very well taken care of and is very stock except for the PW air striker with a jd jet kit. I was riding around the other day on it in the field and started an 0 shaped cornering track. I would go in at about 2nd, just as I was exiting go into 3rd, and back down to 2nd for the next corner etc. Anyway periodically as soon as I would switch to 3rd from 3/4 to full throttle it would just blaaaaaaa. I don't know what to think. Maybe I just need to pin it in 2nd longer until 3rd? Or is this exactly what everyone complains about with these 02-07 CRs? It has me stumped. My old CR 125 01 NEVER had any trouble on the top end. 

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