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'05 crf450r hard to turn over after flat landing

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I have a '05 crf450r that has ran great up until a hard landing at the track.  The bike started reving high until I tapped on the carb.  Afterwards, the bike was fine except it was harder to kick than usual.  Almost like it locks in place then releases just before tdc.

Once home, I could not get the bike to start.  I went ahead and checked/adjusted the valves.  Left exhaust was a little tight.  Both exhaust are .011" and both intake are .006" with the decomp being .014" when a .011" feeler guage is inserted between rocker and shim.  When kicking the bike it gets stiffjust before tdc, loosens up then gets stiff again.  I've watched the decomp engage as the motor is turned over.  The easier part of the kick is a flatter spot on the cam just before the exhaust starts to open.  I've read it would be hard to kick if the cam is off a tooth so I tried advancing AND retarding the cam.  No difference was made.  I've changed my starting procedure to 4 throttle pulls then go just past tdc and it fires right up with a full kick.  

The bike runs great and has tons of power.  The stiff, loose then stiff again when kicking concerns me since it wasn't like that before.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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