looking for supermoto guys or girls to brap with. so far theirs 3 of us. looking for a couple more to ride with and get lost and explore with and do fun shit with, 

no creeps, ass holes, scummy people. keep it real, supermotos, trying to keep it safe and fun and fairly legal and no douchery. theirs a time and place for everything and we dont need tickets and to get screwed up or anything. i sound like a priest or some little bitch saying that but i know alot of shitty people in the world so yea i dont care. 

3 of us mid 20s, single and free to ride almost all summer other than work getting in the way of riding. we usually just get lost on back roads, towns, wherever the road takes us and cool places. its cool. so hit me up we would love a couple more cool people to chill with and ride with and do supermoto shit with. warren, morris, sussex county areas, washington, hackettstown, even pburg and stuff we ride wherever pretty much, but those general areas. we go out to pa along the deleware alot and stuff, its fun, alright im done typing, just hit me up, we arent bad dudes. id put pics of our bikes and us up and stuff but i dont have any on my computer so, idk just hit me up....

ohhh and im not done building my bike but hopefully i get all the parts in like a week or 2 so ill be good to go. little history on me, ive been riding all my life,raced mx for like 10 or so years, s0ld my cruiser a year or 2 ago and now im building a wr250f supermoto. and its not running or supermoto yet. lol so waiting on that shit and ill be good, deffinitely tired of putting this shit together and ready to just ride but my rims and stuff still arent here and its been over a month. plus my buddy got a new header and parts for his so his is a part too right now for the week or so. but yea like i said hit me up. lets ride.

Just bought a Brand New WR250 and already modified the hell out of it.  23 and looking for other people to ride with as well.

yea my bikes in the shop at the moment, couldnt figure out why i wasnt getting spark, so im done wrenching on the thing and figured ill let someone else deal with it, but once its done im just gonna be rippin around all the time. where you from? 

oh whatever you do if you dont have a lighting kit and need one, do not use the baja designs wire harness and light kit, &%$#@!ed my bike all up.



Live in Fair Lawn.  Also (WR250"R" not "F" so all ready street legal).  Just had to ditch the hidious tail and front turn signals.  Have em integrated in the handguards.  Gotta drop it off for it's 600 mile break-in service check Thursday morning.  Hope to get it back Saturday.  Only had it 3 weeks since new haha



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oh damn, yea im in budlake area. you got that power bomb exhaust. you getting some sm rims and tires soon? 

i did a lighting kit cuz mine was a dirtbike and not street legal and for some reason the pos kit i got made it so my bike doesnt get spark so i tried everything to my knowledge to get it running, havent even gotten the chance to ride it with the sm rims and tires on it yet. i rode it like 4 times before it acted up. 


It's the Megabomb header with the Powercore4.  Also have a Dynojet programmer with a new fuel map for it.  Sticking with the dual-sport tires cause I occasionally find hidden fire roads and powerline runs for fun shortcuts.  They get decent enough traction on the street being a multi-use tire that you can hoon it in the twistys.  


lets ride one of these days. my buddy unfortunately just broke his wrist riding the other day. finally got my bike running and its brappp time! 

that looks like mount olive highschool or something near by.


4 minutes ago, Ron Denham said:

lets ride one of these days. my buddy unfortunately just broke his wrist riding the other day. finally got my bike running and its brappp time! 


I sent you a message. Give me a text

What's up guys just bought the 2017 drz looking to get out and do some riding with some new guys. I'm in Jersey City finishing up some after market parts but should be done in a week or so.

I just got a husky te 450 I'm from Clifton nj looking to get out and ride as well

I have a supermoto but promised myself I was going to do track only this time around. Anyone have interest in track days?

I do go to nyst when I get free time from work but riding the bike has proven to be fun in the street as well

im in ocean county, where do u do supermoto track days at?

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