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Best dot knobby

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I know this is very subjective and been debated to death, everyone seems to have there favorites. But there is a tire that never seems to get mentioned and i'll tell you why i think it's the best for me.



It's a CST surge1

The one on the bike, a 120/100 with over 3,000 kms and the new one i'm going to try a 110/90.

One feature i like is the extremely thick and strong sidewall/carcuss. I hate flats and this tire should protect from those, as good or better then others. I dropped the pressure to 5psi once for 1/2 a day of rocky, rooty trail riding and could hardly tell the difference from my usual 15psi. I bet you could ride this thing home flat, if it ever did lose all the air.

Value. A good 30% cheaper than the Pirelli, Dunlop, Conti.

I love the Trackmaster 2's, but wouldn't want to do much pavement on them. I tend to do closer to 50/50 riding, still need a tire to get up those muddy or loose dirt hills.

My only thing is that 120/100 is a massive tire. That 110/90 is about 2" smaller circumfrance than the 120/100, but still looks as wide as most company's 120/90's.

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7 hours ago, Frankfurter said:

Where did you buy them?

An online retailer out Quebec called Fortnine. Their prices are good, free shipping and you don't pay the provincial taxes. But don't tell the government. 

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