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Lowering ktm footpegs

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Hello everyone.

Im a new owner of 500 exc for the last monthe and a half and i have very annoying problems with riding position.

I dont know foot measures so im writing in metric - Im about 184-5cm with the boots on and i have problems standing up on the bike.

Iv allready installed a renthal RC high as i do with allmost every bike i get (and allso becuase the oem NEKKEN was crooked) + exchangable hight risers. Iv tried every hight possible on the risers and got back to the bar sitting on the clamps with no risers.

I allso tried all the 4 variation of the handlebar positioning on the triple clamp - currently found that the least-worst option for me is no.3 wich is the farther holes with the clampes offset turned inside. Im dual-sporting this bike so i need to ride it on and offroad without messing with the handlbars each time im getting off or on the road.

My problem is that when the handlebar is in a good position for sittiing down - its too low and pulls my hands down when standing up. When its rotated forward to align with the forks, its better standing up but pulls me forward and down when uphill and fatiguing my hands. While sitting down its to high and far forward.

The only option i still didnt tried yet and will probably get me in a propper position wich can let me ride with the handlebars in a reasonabe position is lowering my pegs. Alltho its a controversial mod, i cant think of other options to solve this problem. I had a BMW Dakar and it had similar problems wich i solved with those methods - RC High and lowered the oem footpeg position.

After all that being said, if ill go for lower footpegs i want to lower mine. I have no intentions of paying 200+$ for a pair of lower pegs. Iv read on the webs that they can be lowered if rotated and switched between the sides - i didnt understood how.

Did someone here lowered his pegs and can explain how / add pictures?

Any more suggestion will be wellcomed.



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