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DRZ400 Bottom End

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Hey all, 

Recently bought a well kitted out 2007 DRZ400SM. 

I'm planning ahead for my winter project right now. Currently looking at doing an ACT WR gear install, 434 top end, loctite&fastener replacement, and a FC39MX. Maybe a MRD if my wallet allows.

Right now, my neighbor has a bottom end from a 2001 kick start only DRZ400. I was thinking I could pick that up, do the install into the 2001 bottom end, so that the majority of my wrench time I'll still be able to ride the SM. Side note, a big part of this is that while I'd like to imagine I'm pretty mechanically inclined, this is the first time I'll be splitting apart a bottom end and mucking about in there. I figure if I end up biting off more than I can chew, I'd have only cocked up a spare bottom end.

So far, I'm not sure if I'll be able to retrofit the bottom end to use electric start (nbd if I can't, could use some exercise anyways). And if it really is kick-start only, would that mean I would have to track down a DRZ400E head  that has the manual decompression (instead of using the head from my own SM)?

And while doing these things, is there anything else I should swap out, upgrade, or look out for?

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