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Which Piston?

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Going through one of the bikes this evening. Having to replace the cylinder so I can repair the stripped cam chain tensioner hole threads. 

Here's my dilemma. I have three perfectly serviceable Pistons. Which one should I put in? On the far right is a OEM Kawasaki, The centre is a Moose/CP, the left is a Wossner.

When I put the callipers on them I can see the wossner would be higher compression than the OEM. The moose piston is hard to tell because although it looks highest on the edge the centre of the piston is actually dished down. It is also cut around the rim at the valve recesses.  An unnecessary weird but Kool looking top of piston profiling that I suspect gives mediocre performance but makes a great marketing play.

The Wossner is what was in the bike. It was quite snappy and lots of power.

Trying to decide whether to put in the Moose or the Wossner.  Opinions?

(2005 KX250F)




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