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What we do with junk engines

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What we do with an old junk engine is...
We take it apart, either sell of toss the internal parts, we clean and paint the engine, make a stand out of wood & metal brackets to display it.
I put in my living room. You can't believe the comments I get on those engines.
After a few months I put it on eBay, every engine I've done this with sells for $100 - up.
It takes some work but its fun.
Some examples...
KX100, KX80, KX60, XR50, XR70, XR75, XR80, XR100, Yamaha PW50 & PW80, Suzuki DS80, DR100.
A few we cut apart so you can see the internal gears, clutch & crankshaft, those sold for $400 & up.

PW80 (4).JPG

XR75 (10).JPG

Weed Eater (7).JPG

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Yep,.. I've had a polished up Bultaco Pursang motor on the bookshelf for 20 years. I picked up a Maico 250 to do the same. Recently acquired a CBX 6 cyl engine with no internals and that one may get its own special display stand. I have a half dozen CB550 motors from my roadrace days. A new old stock CB650 still in the crate. I even have enough spares from my TZ750 to assemble a display engine. I would eventually like to get all the classic dirt bike engines of the 70's. they all had so much character. I also have a Maserati Bora twin cam V8 with downdraft weber carbs... looks like an indy car engine

Warning,.. this whole  idea can get away from you! 

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OK that's kinda funny...
I got this idea when I saw a CBX engine, with no internal parts, on a nice display stand at a bike show.
About a year ago I saw a Maico 501 engine as a basket case. I thought it would make a cool display.
He wanted $100... I didn't buy it damn it...
I was at a Harley dealer, they had every evolution of Harley engine displayed on a wall.
The reaction from visitors to out home (Wife displays the engine(s) in the living room), especially from her girl friends is amazing.
Yea I see how it could become addictive.

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