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Intake Cam Seizure - UK Recommended engine guys?

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Purchased a lovely clean example of a YZ250F 2009 only a month ago. Guy before had hardly used it since its full top end refresh in feb15 by a local dealership, wont be paying a visit to them anytime soon... Only done about 15-18 hours max since the refresh and the engine seized up on me on the weekend... Stripped the top end down and the intake cam had seized in the head, the wear is pretty bad to the point the valve buckets wont come out of the intake side because the head has burred so much... I'm pretty sure this is down to over tightening. The cam retainer bolts were pretty tight and the head bolts only just came undone too, no sign of copper crush washers either they used regular steel ones, not sure if this is the done thing or not but i'm pretty sure they're meant to be copper!

The bike also wouldnt restart and from inspection it appears it jumped a tooth on the timing, nothing is damaged in that aspect but its the only reason I can think of that's causing it not to re-start, the bit kicks over OK but the resistance in the intake cam is so high you can't turn it by hand, its also worn its own new home to the point the cam cap and cam came out the engine in one go and I had to tap it pretty hard with a mallet to split the two apart!!!!

Im pretty sure it needs a new cylinder head but can someone in the UK please recommend someone who I can send this cylinder head to for inspection and fingers crossed repair, if not then I'm in need of a new head...

Going to give all the oil lines and passages a good blast of air too as It wouldn't surprise me if the huge excess amount of gasket sealant that had pushed out into the engine hasn't dropped off and clogged something up somewhere......

Any tips on people to contact please share!!!

Cheers chaps

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