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What piston should I put in my yz125??

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Looking to do a new top end in my 2002 yz125

Just some stuff to consider

Trail riding no racing but I do go in the powerband

89 octane at 32:1 or 40:1 I could use 91 if that would work better?

I was looking at vertex becuase the have abcd sizes but what else is out there that will last long and stay powerful for me. I need it to last atleast 1 season. Also not interested in namura and oem altough I could I just hate my local Yamaha dealer bunch of scammers...

Thanks for the help!!!

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What would you recommend I'm only trail riding but do go on the track also(no racing)

I personally run wiseco on any occasion. Hard trail riding I get around 35-45hr on a top end. I have ran vertex and pushed a good 50hrs out of one. So I would recommend wiseco but your right with the abcd size option so I would Mic the bored and find the size and find out what's bets for your motor

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