I have done all the free mods , fmf factory 4 , jetting , and 13/50 gearing and still find myself looking for more power.Im thinking of the yz450 cam which i will probally do here in the next month or so.If that is not enough then what is the next step for more power and how much will it cost.

More power? Where exactly are you having deficiencies?


Cam will cost anywhere from $100. discounted to $160 full list price. You may want to consider Hot cams version it is about $90.00 with the auto decomp feature. :)

Im just looking for more overall power what other mods besides the cam do this?

Try a 450. :)

More Power? This begs the question, what are you doing with your 450 that it doesn't have enough power with the mods you have already done, super moto? desert racing? Where is it lacking power? Bottom end? Top end?

I drag race alot and am an agressive rider,It feels as if the snap is missing.Everytime i mod my bike i just get used to it and end up wanting more power , I guess im just a power addict looking for more power for a cheap price.

Hmmm. Getting power to the ground is also important. The right tire for the right terrain and suspension that keeps the tire on the ground can make a big difference. If you want just raw horsepower, maybe you should consider a larger bore bike like a 525 or 650. I hare scramble my WR in an Expert A class and win races with it. With the basic mods it has loads of power and keeps CRF450s at bay.

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