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Xr650r rebuild- looking for input on a couple items

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I tore my girl apart last year and due to so.e major medical expenses she got put on hold.


The engine is split and I plan on ordering new bearings. Do you guys replace all the bearings or just the ones associated with the crank?


I've seen it recommended to replace the oil pump or rebuild, do you order all parts for this?


I also need to split the crank and get a new con rod installed. If I am not a racer do I really need the Falicon or is a Prox good enough?


Already have the head done, new wiseco piston, timing chain, stepping down to a stage 1 Hotcam. Going to do the sight glass mod and replace wheel bearings and swing arm bearings while she is apart.



Anything else I should look at or replace? Any recommendations on where to get the crank done, buy the rod and bearings?


Midwest cranks is local but dude hasn't given me a call back.


Thanks for any input you guys have to offer. There should be a sticky for this!

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