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Tips for setting up pit bike suspension

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I just picked up a new Thumpstar TSX125LE for my son. It's no top shelf mini MX racer, but it's by far the nicest Chinese pit bike that I've owned, and I'll be doing an in-depth review after we've had it for a while. I may also do some component upgrades.

For now I'm trying to figure out how to get the stock suspension set up to best suit my son. 

It has non adjustable inverted forks and spring pre load adjustment on the shock, as with most pits, there is no linkage. 

Question number one. Is there an established consensus about how much race sag a pit bike should have? Is it set by measured length or percentage of overall travel? I remember back when I was racing full size bikes 3" to 4" on the rear was a good starting point, and a bit less on the forks. I don't know how or if that translates to pit bikes.

Question number two. If I need to increase the pre load on the non adjustable inverted forks, how would I go about that? I've made spacers for increasing pre load on conventional forks, and all the inverted forks bikes that I've owned had external adjustment. I'm not afraid to open these forks up, and I plan to change the fork oil after a break in period anyway.

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Adjust the pre-load on the rear shock so when the rider is sitting on the bike its sag is about an inch 
You cant do 4 inches like on a big bike 
A little softer is ok if you can get it 
DEF go to 20 PSI min on front and rear tires to avoid flats 
again not like a big bike 
Keep a watchful eye on spokes , bolts and chain 

The fork pre-load can added with more oil per leg 

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