Michigan Riders Open ride this Sunday

The Night Hawk Comp team is having an open ride at their track in the Irish Hills this Sunday May 20. The track is a natural terrain GP style MX track winding through the woods and over the hills. There is a seperate track for 50's/ minis.

Cost is $20/rider.

No Quads

More info at http://hvnh.org under dirtbike icon. note no www!

Olson JR,

A fellow thumpertalker and a fellow Night Hawk. Thats great! What is your plate number? I will see you on Sunday weather permitting.

Tim Heslip

WR400 #611

Hi Tim,

Looks like the weather should be great on Sunday. I don't have #'s on my WR yet but will soon. You can spot me in the "C" motos with my headlight on.

See ya,

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