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what extra fuel tank of a CRF on CR250 '07?

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hi all

i need an oversized tank

my OEM 7.7 l tank  of my CR250 2007 is getting small as my trips last longer. I do no want small tanks on the handlebars or on the fenders

i am looking for something like IMS or CLARKE of around 10-12 liters (about 3.0 gallons)

but due to the lack of 2nd hand offers, i'd go for other options:  CRF's

-Is it possible to fit another CRF big tank of any other year to the CR250  '07, 3 gen ?


thanks all


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You would think that an 04 CRF450 tank should fit into the CR250 since they're both Gen 3 frames.

But I remembered reading a post that the CRF tank does not provide the clearance for the electronic powervalve that's used in the CR250. It's that part where the two powervavel cables pulley up and down that's in question.

I can't say one way or another whether this is true, but it makes sense on the surface of it.

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