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Radiator shroud hardware

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I have a 2007 crf250r and one of the nuts in the gas tank to secure the right radiator shroud has stripped out but i cant find a replacement anywhere online. does anyone know where i can get one to replace it?

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IMO The nuts in the tank are extremely specific and built into the tank when its made.

Seized tank bolts is a common problem but ya you are dealing with a sheared one.

As a suggestion, I would completely drain the tank of gas and pull from the bike (while you are at it pull the petcock and clean/replace the fuel filter as needed.

What you do not want to do is spin the nut in the tank OR drill into the tank in the following process.

With the tank set-up on a bench or drill press, CAREFULLY drill out the sheared bolt using a depth stop if you need.

Then CAREFULLY re-tap (using a depth stop) with the same size bolt BUT the tank shroud bolts are very specific and I if your are re-tapping the the original, buy some OEM ones otherwise, get a bolt for the size your re-tap and a washer. Then make sure the bolt is the correct length.

I lost one of the bolts from my bike and I had to grind off one from my bolt kit (think it was a 8MM) to make sure it wasn't too long to puncher.the tank.

Then use a bit of anti-seize on all the tank bolts and obviously be careful not to cross thread in the future.

Sounds slightly complicate but might help


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