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Frame Differences

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Hello everyone,


So, I recently acquired a 2001 RM250. It's in meh condition. As in, it's not terrible but it definitely isn't perfect. The frame on it is gross (Previous Owner decided to try and ryno line it ontop of surface rust and all kinds of other bad choices) and it needs an overhaul.

I have also been doing a bottom-up build on my 2001 RM125. I just had the frame powder coated, and I'm going to make it a replica bike (SoBe Suzuki era).

Being that the 125 will be down for quite a while, I had the idea of throwing the engine out of the RM250 in the 125 frame. 


*Discaimer: I have not measured, looked deeply at it or anything as far as where the engine mounts. So, that being said I don't have an earthly idea as to if it's something that can be done without any modification or not. I'm just curious and throwing the idea around.

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That's a major job....nothing will just line up. If you look closely, you'll see the 125 frame is not as "square" under the engine. The mounts would need to be rewelded and the tubes would most likely need cutting to clear the 250 engine. Not just a drop in job.


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