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2007 high rpm hesitation

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First time running the bike yesterday at minimoto. Was 60 degrees, cloudy. Bike starts fine, idles fine for the most part, but under load it was hesitating. It seems to do this after two laps, when the bike has warmed more? Carb was just cleaned, and installed new oem jets. 45 pj, 138 mj, 50 leak, and athena dual spray/ AP wired, fuel screw 2.25, stock 07' needle as far as i know. 

 So i'm leaning towards upping the main to 140, but should I also get the 08' needle? I was also getting some popping on decel, and occasionally the idle would hang. Where is everyone buying the 08+ needle from?

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The Need of the 2008/2009 Model is named "NMQS" by Honda and you can get it from a HONDA-Parts dealer:


You can directly purchase it at Keihin but you need to know what HONDA-Code matches what Keihin-Code for Needle names.

I have the same problems as you and also ordered jets and the 09 Needle. WAY more expensive in germany and it seems like they take forever to ship it which is annoying as f...

If that wont fix your problems try adding the "FMF Snap" and/or "9 oz Flywheel" that might help as well from what I read here in the forums.

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