IMS 3.2 Gallon Tank

I have a basically new IMS 3.2 gallon gas tank with an extra new in the box fuel petcock, longer fuel line, and the o rings to install the petcock. I finally defected from the 2 stroke camp and bought a good clean 2001 426 from a guy with all this extra stuff for $4k.

I do not think I will ever use the large tank as I do not plan on trail riding it extensively or riding in a national(like I could if I wanted to). Buyer pays shipping from ATL. Make offer.


how much do you want for it...??

I think new the tank goes for 190 and I would imagine the petcock probably costs at least 30 bucks. I would take 150 for it if you paid shipping. Sure a new tank is only 190, but you would have to constantly be switching the petcock back and forth when swapping tanks, not to mention I will include the required longer fuel line. I really do not know if this is a good price or not and that is why in my initial post I put "make offer". If this is too high, MAKE OFFER!


what color is the much?..i have a new ims 3.2 white tank, but i want blue!


Its blue of course. If it will help sell it, I will include some slightly used radiator shrouds.


tx thumper, i sent you a e-mail about the white one, i've got a blue for trade...jimbo

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