OT: Anyone ride at Winchester Bay Dunes in Oregon?

I'm going next week. Is it all sand? My kid has a 50, is it even worth taking? I can take the truck to anywhere that is close to it. Any tips on tires?

Most the riding area is sand mixed with some grass clumps,a lot of tall dunes with some flat areas for beginners depending on the riding experience of kid you may find some place for the kid to play around in out there, .I would recommend a good sand tire for your bike. It would be a good time to go right now being the sand is still a little wet, making it easier to ride in if you never have ridden in sand before. If your unaware you will also need a flag and OHV sticker for any vehicle you plan to take into the sand.

What are the sound level requirements? I thought I remembered hearing 94db was the limit there? Just curious.

The registration for the new bikes is good enough, correct? 94 db is going to be tough.

My understanding is the current sound level is 93db. Unless you go on a holiday weekend you should not have any problems. Keep your revs low around the Rangers. yes all you need is your temporary if that is all you have, plus your OHV sticker.

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