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Zeta vs Protaper handlebars/mounts

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So I want to change my handlebars and handlebar mount. I've been looking at the Zeta and Protaper handlebars, kind of leaning towards the 1 1/8  Zeta Solid Sx Handlebars and the 1 1/8 Protaper Fatbar(Blue Color)

I like the Zeta Blue color better, it's a bit darker than the PT blue.

Now I really want to get the Zeta Rx clamp kit from Wheeling Cycle Supply but on the options it gives, it doesn't include for DRZ400sm. Would the RX clamp Part# ZE32-4051 fit?? Do the 07 DRZ400sm and 05-06 RMZ250 have the same mount measurements?


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I don't think that's going to work.Drz's use a 98mm bolt pitch between the clamps.The Rx uses 80 or 90mm I beleive and the SX series is 96mm on the rmz250.I think you'd have to go with the Zeta complete handlebar clamp kit ZE11-3403 or ZE11-3402 to make it all work if you wanted to use their Sx top clamp.

I run the Zeta SX3 fatbars which I tapped the ends 5/8-11 to accept the HDB heavy duty threaded inserts and rigidly mount my G2 Ergo aluminum handguards.The brown anodizing Zeta uses is very similar to the Yoshimura magnasonian finish.

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