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2002 CR250 PWK Airstriker Jetting Q's

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Hey Gang, 

First time posting up here. 


Picked up a used Airstriker that came off of a 2000 Cr250, and installed it in my 2002 Cr250 - fired it up today and the bike is feeling very very rich.  Just had a terrible bog down low and thru the mid range, I don't think I even really hit the power band when I took it around the block. 

Here is the current jetting. 

I'm at sea level, and where I tested bike (but would be riding at 2500 - 4500 high desert)

Slide #7

45 Pilot

Stock Needle 3rd position

175 main. 

Air Screw 1.5 Turns out.  

I've read over and over that this is a pretty good spot for jetting, but again it just seemed to be super de duper rich.  This is my first Two stroke - I've read elsewhere about the power jet needed to be blocked off? That could be an issue? 

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Hey there ,


 Just a few things  to consider before Jettng.

  •  Is the engine fresh ?
  • last top end 
  • condition of reeds
  • clean and oiled airfiler 
  • crank seals ok? ( excessive transmission oil  consumption )
  • give us some feed back on the plug , is it wet oily ?


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Yo CR, 


Thanks for followup, probably should have done a full bio of the bike!  Bike is new to me, I have had it for a few weeks now, but went ahead and did some mods while I had the time.

The most applicable of which here are the Airstriker Carb (which was used, and pretty dirty - I did a thorough cleaning and threw in a new gasket kit and the updated jets)  


I also added a Flywheel weight.  Though that went on with just about no problem. 

 I'm unsure on the last top end, but when I pulled the plug it did seem fairly well dark / scored. 

Unsure of Reed Condition.  I'll check on that and report back.  

Airfilter is all cleaned up / oiled and good to go. 

Unsure on the crank seals, though reports from previous owner (very very honest guy) all indicated very light use on the bike,  with no perceived effects in terms of oil consumption etc. 

Plug got very dark / wet / oily, reeked of gas and was bike was bogging pretty much all over the place. I went ahead and ordered a new plug to throw in as well.  


Overall as far as 15 Year old bikes go, it is in visibly pretty good shape.  Still had the stock rear sprocket on the bike, with no negative wear effects.  Though with that in mind, it could very well / likely be the original top end.


I should also mention that the stock Mikuni was running pretty good when I picked it up / ran it before.  

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if it ran good before you swapped carbs thats your big hint, my guess is that you should set the float before any fine tuning

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