Broken Oil Galley Bolt

Has anyone else broken the oil galley bolt when they were checking for oil pressure after changing the oil like the book says to do. I broke it with a torque wrench set at 13 or 14 ft lbs as specced. I have only had the bike for two weeks and it is brand new. When I took the other two bolts out so I could get the oil tube out, one of them was so tight it was scary and I remeber the one I broke being tight too on the first oil change.

:) Can't help you with the bolt thing. I did check mine (for oil pressure) the first time and decided it was more trouble than it is worth.

:D One heads up: the drain bolt on the oil filter cover. Just messed up the threads. I believe it was from metal shavings that got in the threads. Good idea to clean then out first with a q-tip or something. Ben changing oil regularly for over a year and all the sudden it happens. Read an archived post also from the WR forum and got a fix for my problem

Good luck.

Yes there have been other reports of that. Don't sweat it too much.

Another one to look out for besides what john H mentioned is the bolt that holds the comrpession release lever in the cylinder head. You won't need to do anything with it until you adjust the valve clearance, but it is VERY easy to strip, even with a torque wrench. I have stripped mine (and fixed with a helicoil) and so have others...

Otherwise, 100+ hours and going strong!!

Inexpensive torque wrenches are not always accurate. If you've got one of the $20 or $30 jobbies then you may want to make an investment in a better wrench to save yourself some trouble in the future.

As for the oil filter cover idea, the q-tip idea doesn't work (at least not for me). I tried it but it didn't get all of the metal out and my threads are boogered a little from it. Someone here suggested filling the drail hole with something to plug it up. This sounds like the best idea to me as I can never get anything to drain from there anyway.

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