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Issues and Questions - 1997 Honda XR80

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Picked up a 1997 XR80 that looked to be abused and put away wet.  Bought all the various pieces needed to pout it back together.  Went to start it and noticed it didn't have any compression.  Took the valve cover off and noticed the cam chain was off the sprocket (see picture).  I removed the cam retainer and it appears one of the journals for the cam is wallowed out (see pictures).  How did this all happen?  Over-rev?  Are the valves busted too?  Is this thing worth rebuilding or do I need to stop now and cut my losses?

Also, does anyone have a picture or part number of the clutch cable mount on the engine?  I've checked all the exploded diagrams and can't figure out how the clutch cable is secured at the engine.




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No idea how this happened. But it is a testimony to these little Xrs because it ran a while that way before giving up

i do know the head is shot and needs to be relaced or have new journals machined. Sometimes if the journals are a little scored you can get away with it and she will run. But if they are all wallered out then it's gone. 


i can't say what other damage this did but would assume the valves and guides may have issues.  My initial guess would be $50 to $75 for a usable head at a salvage yard..if you have one. More, a lot more, if you go the eBay route.  Valves and guides are $80 plus.  you need to remove the old and ones and press in the new. Contrary to what folks think it can be a tricky job to get valve guides in correctly.  at the least, have a knowledgeable person do it and show you for the first time.  If you are lucky the valves seats are good enough to be lapped.  So that being said, even with a little fudge for odds and ends, you are looking at $250 plus.  If you got the bike for a song, and not much else needs work, I would go for it.  But if you need to make a list of things like chain and sprockets, new gaskets, new bearings, cables, fresh oil, and any other little fixes, then it may be nothing but a parts bike.


i bought an xr100 a few months ago for 50 bucks and thought it would be a good basket case project  it ended up being a parts bike and a great source for parts.  Well worth the $50, but not what it would have taken to get it running again


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