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Looking for a modern CR500 with E-Start

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So I trail ride an 86 CR500, restored, decompression head, lectron carb.  Runs great.  I just am old, out of shape, and tired of kickstarting every time my buddies want to stop to chat, or I get half way up a rocky hillclimb and stall the beast out.  I've also got a KTM 950 Super Enduro that I trail also, just not quite so extreme stuff as the CR, since it weighs about double and dropping it wears me out (too much experience doing that).  But it does have e-start.....

I can also put e-start on the 500 for $2500, but then I'm still riding 80's technology and haven't increased the sale price of the bike by much.  And I hate throwing money away.

My riding style is probably slower B class hare scrambles, and I don't do moto.  6'3", 280lbs.  Also have arthritis, so can't do much more than two or three hours on the bike at a time.

Lets say I've got $5k to spend on a bike.  What can I get that's close or the same level of power as the 500, but has the e-start.  Not opposed to four strokes at all, just not familiar with them as I grew up riding 2 strokes hard.  Leaning towards a well set up KTM300 XCW, but want to know my other options.  CRF450X?  Yamaha and Suzuki stuff too heavy?  My old XR650L was too heavy and underpowered for fast stuff on the trails.


Thanks in advance!



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