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Honda CG125 Pushrod Engine

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I have never seen this before and I thought some of you might enjoy it.  A pushrod engine driven by a cam with only one lobe?  Ingenious!



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"Honda officially started its Brazilian operations in November 1971, when Honda Motor Do Brazil was established, importing and selling motorcycles under the management of Osamu Iida. Fearing that the Brazilian government might impose a ban on imports of completed motorcycles due to a lack of foreign currency, Iida had wanted to build a motorcycle manufacturing plant in that country. Therefore, with the approval of Executive Vice President Kihachiro Kawashima and Yoshizawa, he obtained a 1,487,700 square-meter plot of land for $1 million in the suburban São Paulo district of Sumare."


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Yes, not a push rod engine though.

I have two 5hp 160cc OHV air cooled Honda engines. One on my pressure washer,
and a neighbor of mine gave me another engine after he purchased a pressure washer from Wally World and did not know that it did not ship with oil in the engine when new.

You can guess why I got the engine for free, after he purchased another engine....

Only the piston was seized, slightly!

Plain aluminum main bearings, and the aluminum rod bearing were in great shape.

I cleaned up the piston a little with light sanding, bore, rings looked great.

Starts and runs fine, plenty of compression. Removed the POS 3.5 Briggs from my lawn edger and shoehorned this "Big Block" Honda on top of the frame....,

This thing really rips now!

After it gets really hot, it knocks a little, and honestly it makes me cringe a little, but hey, its a "Big block" Honda powered lawn edger and will probably live that way for a very long time.

Ok, ho hum, but this may make you perk up a little:

These engines are OHV with stamped sheet metal rocker arms, OHC that is made out of phenolic or some sort of plastic?
ONE cam lobe that operates both intake and exhaust rockers.

The cam shafts rides on a steel shaft and the rocker shafts and the steel shaft in the center of the cam is held in place with a stamped steel valve cover that is glued in place like the Chevy valve covers in the 70-80's

In case that does not raise your eyebrows a little,
The single lobe cam shaft is driven by a little baby, RUBBER, toothed timing belt, INSIDE the engine, soaked in engine oil, with no form of tensioner what so ever.
The engine oil is totally provide by the rod splashing the oil around and the top end oil is carried up there by the timing belt.

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Interesting design from a "can you do this" type of challenge but not sure if there is any advantage to it.

I have a 2006 Honda 350 Rancher 4-wheeler.  It has an air cooled, pushrod engine.  Other than power equipment, how many Honda engines do you know of that were pushrod?

- CX series, CX500, CX650 etc. streetbikes

- ?

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