power now

need comments from someone who runs it? where is the best place to get it?

Power now? I just turn the throttle! :):D

it called 'power now' or power flow and it suppose to increase the flow from idle to half throtlle

I've been trying to find out info about thise device after I saw it mentioned in one of the magazines. If it performs as described, this is just what the doctor ordered.

i think ill order one boit, do u think it needs re jetting?


Not sure what Power Now is, Just wanted to see how everything is where you are ?

Hope your safe

God Bless

gal, apparently, this device replaces the intake bell on the carb and is claimed to increase low-end thru mid preformance without hurting the top-end power. As far as requiring a jetting change, I would imagine that at most it would only take a one-step change of the pilot jet along with fine tuning the fuel screw. The email address of the manufacturer is WorldPower@earthlink.net

I'm going to email them now and see what they respond with.

Dave from WorldPower responded today to my email. All he had to say was that the devices are exploding in popularity and are now on 3 weeks backorder. I replied that I would like to see photographs of the device and details on installation.

Have any of the RAGS done a write up on it / Product Review ?

hi egoahole

everything is fine with me , as good as it can be when u have suicide bomber once a day in your city. anyway tommorow im going to do a few days job in the militery, as im , like most of the israelies, must make a few days a year resevoir service in the army. anyway i dont like to talk on politics or the bad situation when i here with u guys, when im here in tt and when i ride i forget everything ....

u can c pictures of the 'power now' in the new d.b mag.

c u guys next week

gal, I am in touch with these guys now and have invited them to join us here on ThumperTalk to discuss this device. We'll have to wait and see if they respond.

From my research, it appears that this device is very similar to a dual-plane intake runner that has been around for many years. It was orginally designed for the muscle cars that had relatively small V-8's with larger carburetor. These engines made great horsepower at higher revs but were weak on the low end. The dual-plane intake addressed this issue by directing a high velocity air flow across the pilot circuit. Apparently, this device is meant to achieve the same objective. From the photos, the PowerNow is simply a planetary plate installed horizontally across the intake tract that separates the air intake from idle to about half throttle. The slide(throttle valve) dictates at what point additional air is allowed in. Should be fun to tune.

Dave Simon of World Power has accepted my invitationto join us and answer any questions about the Power Now device. He says he will email me when he has a TT user name. I also asked him to come to the YZ forum specifically. He also mentioned that he is working on getting a web site up and running soon.

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