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Remove Air Fuel Adjustment Screw

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Hello guys,

I am the proud owner of a brand new Honda XR650L. It just rolled past 600 miles this last weekend so I opened it up on the highway to see what the top speed was. I was able to hit about 90 mph but it took a long time to get there. I am not disappointed in the top speed but I am disappointed in how long it took to get to 90mph. I have owned a KLR650, DR650 and a DRZ400 but this motorcycle is the slowest.

The XR650L has the same problem as the KLR 650 and the DR 650 in that all of them come lean from the factory and they have the air/fuel mixture plugged up so you can not adjust it.

To stop the popping and slow performance of these motorcyles you have to remove the plug covering the the air/fuel adjustment screw and turn the air/fuel adjustment screw out (to the left) 2 1/2 turns to let in more gasoline.

I did this on my KLR and DR and and it made them more responsive and it lowered the engine temperature. The KLR has a built in thermometer and I could see a big difference.

I am ready to drill out the plug covering the air/fuel adjustment mixture screw on my XR650L but I need some help.

1. Can you rotate the carb enough to drill out this plug or do you have to remove the carb ?
2. I need to know the size of the D-socket that is used to unscrew the air/fuel screw. Is is 1/8 inch ?
3. Where can you buy the D-socket ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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The fuel screw is only for idle and slightly above. JetsRUs.com has the D socket or I've heard you can use a 22 shell. Get yourself 55/158 jets for it too and pull out the air inlet restrictor under the seat. 

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