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Brand new 2017 KTM 250 SX Starting issue

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I'm new to Thumper talk. So here goes my first post. 

I just bought a new 2017 KTM 250 SX, when I bought the bike from the dealer the mechanic left the gas on. I didn't see this until hours later. 

I shut the gas off and drained the float bowl. I can not seem to get the bike to start WITHOUT giving it a little gas. I know this isn't the route I should be taking so with that being said

are there any suggestions on what I should try?


Before when I turned the gas on, it would come out of the over flow of the carb. Took that off cleaned it out and adjust the float height a little bit. I shouldn't have to do this on a brand new bike.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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I think we're jumping the gun here a bit...

First, while it's a good idea to shut your petcock (gas valve) off when not riding, you SHOULD be able to leave it turned on while parked without it leaking out the overflow. Did your adjustment of the float height cure this issue? You really shouldn't have to do that to a brand new bike, but stranger things have happened and if you adjusted your float to the correct level and this cured the overflow, then it's no big deal. If you had to adjust your float to an artificially low level to get it to stop pissing, then there's a problem and you should take it back to the dealer before your 30 day warranty expires.

Having said that, I read your post to say it WILL start if you "give it a little gas". If by this you mean you have to open the throttle while kicking, but it starts easily when you do so, I'd say don't worry about it. I've had bikes that you could absolutely NOT open the throttle when trying to start it, bikes that demanded that you open the throttle quite aggressively when kicking it, and some in-between. If you can start it reliably by giving it a little throttle and it runs well, feels well jetted, and your plug looks good, then so be it.

I have a friend with a 1998 250 (I forget what the MX model designation was back then, MXC?) that finds that laying the bike on it's side until gas comes out his overflow, essentially flooding it, is the easiest way to start it. He could probably fix this with jetting or carb adjustment, but after he gets it started it runs great and his plug looks right, so he finds it easier to just lay the bike over for the first start of the day...

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