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CRF250 front end conversion

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I posted the same question in the crf250x forum, but I thought that I would post here too, since it is related to putting crf forks on my xr400...


Could someone do me a favour and measure their crf250x front axle please, if you have one fitted as part of your fork conversion?


The specific measurements that I would like are:


- Length of the shoulder

- Length of threaded part of axle

- Overall length


I purchased an axle from eBay, which supposedly came from a crf250x, but it doesn't quite work out... I have an axle from a known crf250r, which, in conjunction with my 250x wheel  and spacers (one of which for the speedo drive delete) all works out and mounts up fine. When I switch-out the 250r axle, for the supposed 250x axle, and swap out the speedo-delete spacer for the 250x speedo drive, it seems that the shoulder of the axle is about 5mm too long as it hangs out of the fork leg clamp, and not enough of the threaded part seems to protrude from the left hand side of the fork.


Thanks in advance.



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