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VM32 on XL250 K1 jetting help

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Hi all...  so been working on and off on this xl250 chop for a girl. I am on the latter stage, I hope.  I converted it to a 12v/cdi electrexworld.co.uk because I couldnt get the 6v system to work consistently.  I also got a new mikuni vm32 and I did the valves.   With a new spark plug installed the thing will fire after 6-12 kicks and it runs, ok.  Try to restart it and it acts like plug fouled. I am getting great spark and I have tested with timing advances/retarded, seems to start through out the range hover I feel like it starts best advanced (and thats a guess because I didnt get any instructions with the kit I am turning clockwise on the stator unit for advance?)  Basically feels rich.

anyways looking for some help with the mikuni vm32, I understand I might be on the larger side, been told vm30 would have been better but I need to make this work.  Here is what is in the carb now: 185 Main, 35 Pilot, 6DH7 Jet Needle, 2.0 Air Jet, 159 P-5 Needle Jet. 

Do I drop the Main and the pilot?  175/27.5?  Any help would be awesome. 

Also D8EA or D7EA for spark plug?


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