03 to 04 wr450 starter upgrade

I've read a bit on the wr450 03 starter upgrade and now mine has karked it after less than 5 months of riding, just spins freely not kicking in.

I cant seem to find on the site exactly wot the 04 starter upgrade involves, i'm going to try and convince yamaha to put the 04 upgrade on my bike as i got an extended 3 year warranty and can see myself in there every 6 months with the same bullsh#t problem, hopefully they'll see the light too but i doubt it, any help appreciated! thanx.

Go to the web site : www.wr450.com and see the photos section and click on starter upgrade and click on detailed instructions. :)


You need only the following parts for the upgrade after first repairing you brocken flywheel key.1 x bushing for old side cover ( so you don't need a new side cover. 1 x gear ( this is behind the little cover ) . 2 x washers ( 1 on each side of new gear ) . 1 x the little cover that goes over the new gear as its deeper.It should take no longer than 10 minutes after doing the flywheel repair.

Can you give me the part numbers so I don't have to go back through the old posts to find them. It sounds like everyone with a 03WR450 is going to or has done the upgrade. Thanks :)

Dont forget to check the starter clutch thats bolted to the rear of the flywheel.This clutch and gear fail quite often too.If you can kick start the bike the woodruf key should be ok and will require the starter clutch and gear behind the flywheel. Then also install the tourque limiter upgrade to bring it to 04 specs

Order these parts from Yamaha: $.76 Bushing, p/n 90380-10002-00, updates the 03 side case cover to 04 specifications; Cover Assy (small, 2 bolts hold it on), p/n 5TJ-1549B-00-00; Torque Limiter (Yamaha calls it a Washer) p/n 5JT-15560-00-00; and 2ea Washers, Plate, p/n 90201-105A8-00. I paid a "good guy" price of $213.65 for all of my parts. :)

Thanks :)

I went down to my local Yamaha dealer to order the upgrade parts but they could not find the $.76 Bushing, p/n 90380-10002-00 anywhere in their computer. Does anyone know of a dealer that may have this part? If so please let me know.

My dealer in australia had trouble getting the same part.I gave hime the part number i found on a link from this site.When he rang yamaha to find out they told him the number had changed.When he ordered it by there new number they told him it did not exist.He re - ordered by my original number that they said didnot exist and he got the part. Go work it out ? I will try and find the part number tomorrow for you.


P.S i think i found the number by going thru the woodruf key posts.There is a hell of a lot of post so wait till i find the number.

the number on my reciept is 90380-10002

goood luck dave


I got the part number for the bushing from the label on the bag it came in from Yamaha. My parts guy (he isn't really "my guy" that's just a figure of speech :D) had a little trouble finding the part at first. But, after some searching he found it and 3 days later it was in my hand. I believe that the "- 00" on the end of the part number is important.

Update, I just called my Yamaha dealer and had him find this part on his computer p/n 90380-10002-00. It came up instantly and in addition, it showed he had two in stock (which he had ordered with my original order). He suggested that when your parts guy entered the part number he entered it wrong (note that "-" and "00s" are important) or your dealer does not have updated parts microfiche. Remember, the bushing is for a 2004 motorcycle. If you still can't get the part from your local dealer, here is the plan, call Motoworld of El Cajon, El Cajon, CA 619-442-3338. Anyone from parts can help you, but Scott is the head man. The part is $.99 retail.

Remember this however, if you use a California dealer to fix your problem, you have to agree that the Golden State rules and that all of the water Arizona takes from the Colorado River really does belong to California :).

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