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Thought I'd keep to my word and start a regionally, altitude, riding type pertinent jetting Post since i found it hard to navigate the birds nest of Info on here.
My baseline:
Location: Maryland
Altitude: Sea Level
'16 YZ250
Exhaust: Stock
Motor Mods: n/a
Needle: NExx
NECW below 55 degrees
NEDW for any temp above 55
Premix ratio: 40:1
Fuel type: 93 pump
Squish set: not yet
Riding type: Mx
Skill: A/B
Setting 1:
April 8th
Temp: 76
Needle: NEDW Clip 2
Main: 172
Pilot: 40
Air screw from 1 1/2 out: turned in 1/2 turn
Comments: Most Crisp I've ever had any of my YZ's running to date. Pulled crisp off the bottom & smooth all the way to WOT- no flat spots to be found.
Definitely had a HUGE impact on winding out, I could keep 2nd/3rd without needing to shift- impressed it had a large impact that it alters my shift pattern.
I'll keep updating as I try different things n Mother Nature throws different temps at me
Safe shredding,

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