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2012-2016 PDS RT GV Valving - Stop bucking around

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2013 KTM 300 XC-W (Open Chamber Forks w/ WP PDS Rear) (RT .46 springs up front with a RT P15 Spring in the back) 115mm sag
195lbs (w/o gear), Single and Double Track Trail rider (loose sandy loam rooted trails)

I have RT GV (Base and Midvalve) up front and am pretty happy with the results.

I also have a GV installed in the rear with the following valving and experience quite a bit of bucking over any square edge hit. I have tried to turn out the high speed compression (1 full turn) and it helped some, but since I need to tear it down for service was wondering if a revalve would help to get rid of the bucking. Appreciate any thoughts.

Gold Valve Compression Valving cL 2007, cLX 1528, cH 238
Gold Valve Rebound Valving rL 2004, rLX 1526, rH 254



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