Thanks Jeff....Rapidtac Sample

I recieved the rapidtac samples about a week ago, (very impressive). I havent had a chance to use anything but the adhesive remover. It worked great and smelled like oranges, I usually work in my garage and use laquer thinner, which can get you light headed, the rapidtac adhesive remover did not have this side effect. The adhesive remover worked every bit as well as the thinner and cleaned up much easier. If everything else works as well as the adhesive remover, and i'm sure it will, then I will be using these products from now on. I wish I could give a review on the rest of the samples that Jeff sent, maybe someone else who recieved the rapidtac samples can.

Thanks again,


never got mine

Thanks jeff

I'm still waiting too, must be on it's way.

got mine the other day

Thanks Jeff

Got mine aswell.

Thanks very much Jeff :)

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. We had a mix up with emails (my fault from using three systems to check my mail.. I know.. smooth move...

) So those of you who havent recieved anything hang in there.

For those of you who have recieved the samples, remember to clean the plastic with Rapid Tac or Rapid Tac 2 a few times after using the remover. The Rapid Tac 2 should prove to be the best for applying the new graphics.

Let me know what you guys think ok.

Thanks Jeff

I am waiting to put on me new shrowd, tank, fender graphs






any way I think I save .2 oz's from keeping the plastic off Man the YZ flies now

I got my samples ??? close to a year ago and I can only say, that stuff is "GREAT" It's like having the right tool for the job, sure windex works and so does all the other home recipes but Rapidtac is by far the best. I guard it with my life since I'm almost out :)

<font color=blue><h3><center>THANKS JEFF</center></h3><center> :):D </center>

Got mine about a week ago. I kept pulling things out of the box and more stuff kept coming, wow! Thanks, a lot!

PS - Maybe if I have it here handy I won't have the need to put new graphics on. :)

Hey Jeff,

Is it too late for me to get in on this revolution!?!?

I must have missed the original offering. I am ready to re-do the graphics on my yz...

I am willing to pay if that's what it takes...I hear it's good stuff.



email me at


just got my sample kit too. thanks much.

ps-- i couldn't find the directions about which bottle to pee in, so i just picked one at random. my sample is on its way back to you. let me know if continued use of mobil 1 is OK, and also about that "other problem".


the wrooster

I have had my samples about a year and just used it 3 weeks ago. The stuff works great.

Thanks a bunch Jeff.

I also recieved my kit - I really appreciate the kindness of a guy who would take alot of his time money to do this . I used it to apply my pro series #2 Big number ( like McGrath ) He is the man . I know ( kinda corny ) but I couldnt come up with a number that Represents me so I used the number of a guy who best represents what I like about this great sport. Anyway Jeff I hope the best for you in your business. I will be a customer of yours Guaranteed. These bigger numbers are a pain to install on the 426 Panels but I could never have done it easier and cleaner. Jeff I thank you !! :):D:D

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