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Yamaha TT600 Belgarda Electric dead end

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Hi everyone 

My latest investment is a 1995 Yamaha TT600 Belgarda in supermoto style, bought it to give my 03' WR450 a rest. I realised quickly that i bought with out going it through Thoroughly enough with the seller. Many wiring and engine solution could have been done better by a toddler. Very Well i Got The bike to run Smooth and good, Then all of a sudden every single piece of light on this non battery bike went Dark, i had led blinkers, stop light etc. Working like a charm, now its all gone, and The donkey who did The wiring left no fuses, what to do? What could have died? Cant Seem to find Any voltage anywhere? 

Thanks for Your help!


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Basic troubleshooting 101:


1. Start at the battery and follow the wires for each circuit until you find low or no voltage.

2. With multiple circuits affected (like yours) a bad ground circuit is prime suspect.  Check for a good ground connection at all components that are not working. Attaching a grounding jumper at the component is also a quick check.

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