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Wiring up lights to a yz125 stator

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So I'm currently in the process of wiring up a rec reg kit on my yz125 to pass the new Victorian recreational registration guidelines.

Vic roads now states that the elctrical system cannot be a total loss system meaning that I cannot simply shove a battery in my air box and run a light kit off that to pass inspection and ride out in the bush.

So with basically no electrical experience (putting batteries in a remote, Charing a phone, jumpstarting a car, etc..) I've gone out and purchased a small coils rewind (Geelong company) rec reg kit and begun fitting it.

I've now fitted the headlight, tail light, brake light and horn although that's about as I know how to do.


The diagram given shows that you're supposed to wire the LED regulator off the wire joining the stator to the cdi box so that it is joined in series with the cdi but the installation guide says to join the grey wires from the regulator into the "exciter" coil....


The problem is I have no idea how to connect the two together. Do I cut the corresponding wire and crimp, splice etc.. to the regulator? It already has a couple of wires running off the regulator (grey wires in the image) that have some sort of connectors although I wouldn't have a clue how to connect them to a wire...



The kit includes some connectors although I'm not sure if they're just spares or if they're meant to be used for this part?


Any info on how to join them together, basic electrical info, what the actual names for the connectors bits and pieces are called or any tips would be heaps of help!



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