how much do you guys weigh and height?

I'm 6'3" and 231 this morning. Great info posted, especially no premix.

6' 1" - 235 lbs.

I was in the same position as you. A long dirt layoff and several years of street riding. Don't get discouraged, it just takes a lot of practice. Riding dirt bikes is about the most humbling sport there is. I was a fairly competitve road racer, but I am a terrible dirt racer. Just keep at it. I would suggest that you invest in some good protective hand gaurds. They will save your levers and keep you riding instead of limping your bike back to the truck.

wow, i didn't expect this many replies or this many people that were in my same shoes once. I guess i expected the dirt bike riding to be a little more comfortable to pick up and get use to the bike faster. I plan on keeping with it and get better.

Do any you guys feel totally comfortable on a bike or is it just me that seems to loose the front tire alot and it seems to go where it wants sometime?

i'm sure alot has to do with my riding skills and little experience. I found a little place around here that has some hard dirt and sort of a track, i just go there and go left five laps and right five laps. once this place gets easy and i'm use to it i'll move on.

thanks for all the info

check out the 250F board, i threw it out there about the weight of the 250f vs the 426F, everyone loves their own bike

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I am probably the light wt here. I guess!

34yrs old

5'8 3/4" before race

5'8 1/4" after hare scramble!!!!

151 w/o gear

This thing is a ROCKET under me!

The only complaint I have is that it seems like I have to always hang on like a B%&*@h!

People alway ask me why I have such a big bike.

I think I have the experience and ability to control it and handle it. Sometimes that is worth more than strength. Riding smart always seems to pay off for me in the end! I have always had this sort of mentality. In high school I was only 5'8" but did pretty good at cross country because of my attitude and endurance. I have tried different styles and stategies in the last 3 1/2 yrs of hare/hound and hare scrambles.

1. Ride fast and hard the first loop

Just maintain the 2nd loop

2. Ride easy the 1st loop

Ride super hard 2nd loop and try to make up ground on dog-tired riders

3. Ride above avg. but w/o making mistakes and staying within my abilities.

I would have to say the 3rd has worked out the best for me in most races! I think racing is probably

40% ability

30% endurance

75% mental!!!!!!!! :D

I am required to ride smart because any mistake I make takes me a lot more effort to correct.(ie getting stuck on a hill or stuck in a wash or stalling the BEAST)

Riding the 4HUN has made me a more efficient and smoother rider. Although sometimes I find myself getting lazy. After I picked up that 2SMOKER 93'RM 250 , it actually helps me to ride it and then ride my 4HUN. It makes me more aggressive because that is what the 250 requires! :)

I think it is funny when people ask me why I need a Big ol' bike like the 400 and I say "If you think the weight to HP ratio is small on this , You should have seen me on my 95' CBR900rr w/121HP and 398lbs!!!!! :D



120.9mph :D

4200' above sea level

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5'10" 185 lbs.

If you still have a Dunlop 739 in front, get rid of it. Get a D755 or a D756 or equivalent.

I've been riding only since September last year. I told myself to give it 6 months before I got discouraged. It was good advice. I am now clearing doubles, tabletops, etc., that were waaaaay above my ability when I started.

Find a friend. Make yourself ride tracks that are "too hard." There are "easy" tracks here where I ride. I started out there but moved to the tracks that have weekend races, etc. It will force you to learn quicker...

Above all - don't get discouraged. It is a difficult sport. Give yourself at least a year! :)

man everyone seems to be responding to this thing. not too many light weights out there though. I'm 6'3" and 250 myself. All I really have to say is ride fast have fun and don't get dead!

I'm 5'11 and weigh in at 150 pounds, I bought my 426 last year and its my firt bike.

Do most of you guys race or ride MX or hare scrambles? Being 32 seems a little rough to be getting into MX, especially with all these 16-18 yr olds jumping over my back, not ragging on the younger guys either

185 m and 85kg. pure muscles....

im kidding but most of it muscles... as i do 2-3 timesa week gym and swimimng

I'm 5'10 racing weight of 155. I went from a 250 2 stroke to the 426. A little more weight but usually doesn't make a difference except for the one place you mentioned you've been practicing. SAND. It's the only place I feel the weight of the bike has a disadvantage over the lighter bikes. In deep or powdery sand the front end tends to want to dig in and until you learn how to ride it and get used to it, it wears you out. I've checked with other riders around here and it was pretty much a consensus. So in my opinion you are picking about the hardest terrain to learn how to ride this bike. I would suggest you get on some hard dirt somewhere as well while you're trying to get back into riding shape. Also, if you are serious, I would consider losing the muscles you've developed from weight training. (I'm not a professional and this is strictly an opinion.) If you've lifted to build bulk, you've trained your muscles to "pump up" and to use short, strong bursts. However riding requires more endurance, flexibility and staying relaxed. If you want to lift to train, that's ok but I would find an endurance program with high reps and low weights.

My 2 cents.

Kfrosty and others, the bulk i have put on is from heavy lifting and yes i do get pumped so fast that i can feel it in my arms quick. i'm getting better, at least i'm down about 15lbs, good for the riding but bad for the lifting. Looks like i can't have the best of both worlds, but i still like to train hard and heavy and it helps with my job alot. i still do alot of cardio but gear my workouts to size.

As for the sand riding, come ride in wonderful florida, i really have no choice around here and no it isn't any fun to ride in the sand. I'm just going to have to start loading the bike up and taking it somewhere to ride.

Funny how when i was buying this bike i was told by numerous people that the 426 is so much better in the sand then the lighter bikes, they all said it would power it's way through. But it seems now i have the bike i'm finding that alot more seem to think that soft sand is harder to ride in then a lighter bike, i will 100% agree on this one, especially when your learning to ride and not going full blast. And it seems you need to go full blast to get through the sand. I guess just turn the throttle and hold on and hope for the best

thanks for all the help everyone, i'll post an update to tonight and close this topic, unless anyone has anything else to add. i'm open to all advice

Either way, just hang in there and don't give up. The best thing you did was go to a riding school. (As long as the instructor was good at teaching and not just good at riding.) The best thing I ever did need to get back.

Hey Thumpers,

If you want to ride a Hare Scrambles, the last one of the season is May 4-5. You can race the beginner class on Saturday, or the AA/A/B/C class on Sunday. The race is in Clewiston, here is the Link to the flyer.

Great topic. I don't own a 400/426, (but am looking into getting a 250F or 426), but have ridden a nicely setup WR400 and loved it. I came back to trail riding after not riding in the dirt for something like 20 years. I have always ridden on the road since I got my street license as a teenager.

I'm not a racer, kinda slow in fact, but getting faster every ride, and enjoying myself more and more.

General dirt advice:

Relax. relax, relax. Get rid of the death grip on the bars. Remind yourself to relax while riding. Saves a huge amount of energy, makes you a better, faster rider.

Ride with people that are better then you. Follow their lines. Watch what they do.

Look where you want to go, not where you don't want to go. AKA: target fixation. Look down the trail/track, not right in front of the front tire.

When in doubt, gas it! The bike will get you through.

Stand up as much as possible, let the bike move under you, use your body to help absorb bumps.

Consciously weight the outside peg in turns. It works!

Go slower to go faster. Give yourself a little time to learn these new skills. I was crashing all over the place when I started in the dirt again. Now I go on trail rides and watch my new dirt buddies crash all over the place, and come back to the truck exhausted! Hee hee!

For longer rides, try a camelback thing. I was dehydrating, and losing energy real fast. My first ride with the camelback thing and I was a believer. Small sips all day long made a huge difference in the endurance area.

Ride the 426 for a while. Once you get your basic skills down, if you still aren't enjoying the 426, sell it and get something else.

And the #1 rule. Have fun man! That's what its all about! :)


Originally posted by 426thumpers:

Do most of you guys race or ride MX or hare scrambles? Being 32 seems a little rough to be getting into MX, especially with all these 16-18 yr olds jumping over my back, not ragging on the younger guys either

I'm 36 and ride MX only up to now (only 7 months of riding). Hare scrambles is just not for me though. I like the airtime :) in MX. Maybe I'm just a glutton but I'm also a skater (boards, not fruitboots) and ride on old man's night (Tuesdays) at the local Van's skatepark. It's funny, I never thought anything would be as fun as riding a skateboard in a swimming pool - but MX has it beat.

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I'm 5'9 and 187.... :)

Pure scotch and beer..!!! :D:D:D

Well, i'm on diet to be 175, no more, no less... so good bye iced cold beer's :D

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