Brass bushings in gears

Just pulled off the clutch basket and noticed up/down/side to side play when it was on the spindle. This does not seem normal to me, what do you guys think????(I'm Not talking about left/right rotational play between gears when turning the basket)

My question is about the two brass bushings pressed into the outer clutch basket. I am not sure how to tell the wear limit. Does anyone have the spec for that? Also while we are at it, the kick idler gear and the oil pump drive gear (not the gear on the oil pump) also have brass bushings and seem to have an awful lot of play and wobble as well. That does not seem normal to me either. Specs on those??

Has anyone looked at these or replaced them?????


The original factory manual that came with the bike is informative, but does not have the specs on these gears/bushings.

Don't know what the specs are, but it doesn't sound good. Your manual should supply all the measurments.

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