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2010 CRF 250r, Very Hard to Start after Warm

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Hello all,

I have seen several posts recently with similar issues.  My issue started after a simple slow right hand turn lay over. May or may not be culprit


I never had a real issue with starting, but I have a remapped ecu by Eddie, aprox 8 months ago.  This definitely reduced amount of kicks needed from starting.   I recently installed a complete rekluse auto exp 3.  I had to slightly adjust the idle to reduce the "creep".  This didn't cause an issue with starting or before and after it warmed up.  

During my last race, had a slow tip over in a right hand turn.  Nothing major, nothing broken.  I tried to restart and it puffed some white / blue smoke each kick.  Most likely from the breather tube from the head to the air box.  It took about 30 min to restart my bike.  Ran great, and idled great.... no issues

Since then I have not been able to start my bike quickly.  Approx 20-30 kicks cold, 40+ when hot.


Valve clearances are dead nuts perfect

New spark plug

There's no coolant in the oil, or oil in the coolant, or coolant in the tranny f

There's spark and fuel, checked both

Mind you, when she starts, she sounds and runs perfectly so....  It can't be a bent exhaust valve, no spark, or no fuel problem, or bad ecu.  Those are the solutions that are "provided" by the ol enterwebb.  


The bike is at a local shop currently, because I just don't have the time to spend hrs and hrs tearing this thing apart.  

Any suggestions or shared experience would be greatly appreciated.  

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