Street Legal Revisited

Let me get this straight, If I buy a 2001 xr650r that already has street plates on it, I will not have any problems regestering it at the dmv for street use? But if I buy a 650r that has never had street tags I can never get it regestered for street use in calif?




The deadline to start the paperwork for dual sporting any green sticker bike in Cali was the end of January...after that its not so easy...although if ya really really really had to -- you could do it!

Now for your options

1)--You can register your Cali bike in another state, dual sporting it. Then convert it back over to Cali.

2) You can also buy a bike in, say, Vegas, or Phoenix or Portland--new or used--and get local plates put on. Then ya have to either put 7500 miles on the bike, or lie when you fill out the form at the Cali DMV (its impossible to verify as the 650 only has a trip meter and not an odometer) and switch over to Cali plates...

3) There is a DMV provision for vehicles that are experimental or essentially homemade...this is a bit of an unknown but some guiys are looking at getting plates this way-!

For sure my CRF450X will be bought in Vegas next winter...'cause i live in Cali...and the Japanese bike manufacturers just dont seem able or willing to make real dual sport bikes for the California market :)

iron dude are you saying that in Nev. they sell crf450's that are street legal?

that would be the perfect O Wells bike!

my friend told me that i could get my YZ490 street legalized in AZ, can you imagine riding a big bore 2 stroke on pavement? serious cajones required!

Lots of guys dual sported there CRF450R's in Cali before the deadline...any bike with the #3 in the 8th digit of the vin could be dual sported. I think thats only good on '02 CRF450R's however...

I am not saying Nevada has street legal CRF's on the dealers floor right now--although there might be a '02 demo sitting around--maybe--

...i am suggesting that the CRF450X will be a green sticker bike, in which case it could be dual sported in many states - and once dual sported in say, Nevada--it could be converted to Cali after its got 7500 miles...

As for two smokes--if the 8th digit in the vin is a #3-it could have been D/S converted in Cali--not sure if two strokes are an exception or not in Arizona or whereever...i would guess theres more than one CR500 with a Cali license plate, but thats just a guess...

If you keep an eye open you can find street legal CRF450R's for sale in Cali--many have been converted to Motard--but they can be fixed easy enough!

If the CRF450X isnt green stickerable, then i am gonna buy a dual sported '02 450R.

ps rumors say the 450X is a LOT closer than ya might think to dealers this summer.... :)


Would I have to physically have take the bike to another state? Or just need a mailing address? Wouldn't the dmv want to see the bike to inspect it for proper equip ie. blinkers horn, brake lights,ect? Or can you convert from one state to another by mail only?

Thanks for your good info.

I just bought a 2001 650r for a real good price and I pick it up tomarrow YEEEEE HAAAAAAA!!!!

If the CRF450X isnt green stickerable, then i am gonna buy a dual sported '02 450R. Why? CRF450X can't be dual sported in calif. and Nevada doesn't care if it has a green sticker.

I dont know if the DMV will inspect a bike from out of state that is getting Cali plates, or if they will use a second party sign off as with the dual sports.

Reasoning on buying a 02 CRF450 dual sport vs. red sticker CRF450X: Cause it is a street legal bike!

Reasoning for buying a CRF450X in Vegas if its green stickerable...Vegas is Vegas, and of course so i can put Nevada plates on it...

IF its a greeen stickered bike that has out of state plates, i have a chance at some Cali plates....if its out of state with red sticker, i dont have any chance of Cali plates...Oregan might be better choice as they have cheap registation....

Here is the web page for Vermont DMV .

I've registered several bikes with them and only a VIN inspection by a local Police station is required.

~ Ken

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