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Stock XR400 Carb Size

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Hey guys, I am having a problem with one of my some-what custom build and I am going to need a coupler to extend the intake hose on the stock xr400 airbox.  Now, I already have the means of obtaining an extension I am just unsure what size diameter I should get.  It is my understanding that the listed size of a stock xr400 carb is 38mm however that is not the diameter of airbox or manifold side but rather inside the carb where the fuel is combined with the air?  Correct me if I am wrong but this means I can not get a 38mm diameter extension, right?  Is there anyone that might have the size of airbox side of the carb written down?  Currently do not have the ability to find the size as I am away at college.  Just want to be able to ride as soon as I get back so if anyone can lend a hand that would be great!

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