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Looking for dirt bike entertainment!!!

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I recently got back into dirt biking and I have been looking for some video entertainment in the evenings. So far I have found a few things I have really enjoyed:

Super Enduro world championship series on redbull tv

Hard Enduro series on redbull tv

FIM trial world championships on YouTube. 

Any other suggestions for some great dirt biking videos?  I really enjoy the competitions or videos with a storyline, someone to route for, etc. I also prefer trails/trials more than motocross vids. 


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1 minute ago, cjjeepercreeper said:

The original On Any Sunday is the only bike video worth watching. ;)



But no, seriously I really like most of the Moto series movies.  You can watch moto 1,2, and I think three on YouTube for free, and at one point Netflix had 4,5 and 6.  Couldn't find 7 for free and 8 just came out.  They are really well made and cover the gamut of moto, enduro, WORCS and a little bit of trials.  Great soundtracks usually, too.

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