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Testing sensors with multimeter

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I'm having issues with my 2014 yz450f and I'm trying to test some of the sensors on the my throttle body, especially the throttle position sensor. I do not have the Yamaha diagnostic tool, just a multimeter. It says in my service manual to removed the tps to check the resistance, but if I remove it I have no way to then really set it back up. So is there any way to test it while on the bike? I tried unplugging it and then it just says OL (open line) on the multimeter.

EDIT : I just set the meter on 20k as I watched a video on it and got a reading of 6.68 ohms and the manual states that the max resistance on the throttle position sensor is 6.3 ohms so it is out of spec.

i also tried checking the crank position sensor and the only way I could get a reading was on 200k and the reading it gave me was 20.0. And the manual says the range is 228-342 ohms so I guess is you convert the reading I got with decimal points it would be 200 ohms. So that is also out of spec apparently.



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