01 426 manual bitmaps chapter 1-3

Man that is awesome! I will put it on my site after I get home from riding tomorrow! Im sure this will help alot of people...since I see tons of people on TTalk saying they dont have a manual! Thanks Sirthumpalot,


Here is the 01 426 manual chapters 1-3. My scanner is old and slow so this took like 1.5 hours to scan and I didn't have time to finish the entire thing. I'll try to finish it in the near future:

01 426 manual chapters 1-3

Thanks!! That is sweet that you are taking the time to help out.

Just FYI

All manuals, are copy righted by Yami, Now I cant openly endorse Pirating, But I just want to let you know there is copy right info in the manual.. :)

I didnt think about that...I dont want Yammie on my arse! Thanks,


I don't think they'll have a problem with this because it's not like we're cutting into their money making sales. Manuals were distributed with the bikes when new so all we're doing is replacing a misplaced part. I could be wrong, maybe they'll get mad, but I think we'll be OK if we remove it from the web with the first warning.

It would not matter legality, if they did not get hurt form the post or show a loss of sales to be zero. The fact remains it is sole propriatry Information "I thinks That would be correct"

Any Attornies :D Nah first they would have to have balls to ride, then smarts to buy a YZ :D

Look at what happend to napster and sales of CD on a all time high, when napster was at its peek..

Anyhoot, I was just doing a FYI, I seriuosly doubt that anyhting would happen, do you know the PR Backlash on Yami would be ?

In Garrets Responce

"Yamin would have us all over ther ARSE :)

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