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First ride on the CRF450RX

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I've been out of serious dirt biking for the last 4 years or so.  We've been having a lot of family fun on RZR's, and I bought this RX for a snow bike and to fulfill my need for adrenaline.  I was really impressed with this bike stock.  I rode it on a motocross track and some "enduro" areas they had.  The power is impressive, and if you twist it you will be moving forward at a fast pace in no time, but at the same time it was very smooth and never surprised me with acceleration.  I was so busy having fun I never thought to try the other modes, so I ran the whole day on mode 1.  I only stalled it once, and that was within the first 2 minutes.  Never had a problem after that.

The handling in the corners is extremely predictable and will hold a rut with little effort.  The suspension is sufficient, and with my weight (about 240), I'll be in need of springs at least.  I found the bottom of the forks on a flat landing, and it wasn't harsh, but I knew it was the bottom.  

Overall, great bike, very happy with my purchase.

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